Lag is a common problem gamers get. It is so annoying. It is caused by high latency. Caused by overload of usage of data, lack of sending packets, low-end modem or router, or someone hacking you connection and stealing your data.

Why does it happenEdit

Ask everyone else in your household why. Ask the person that uses the internet with you, especially the one that uses the internet to watch videos when you are playing or something.


For your own good, just ask him/her.

Is this page worth itEdit

Yes. Since this is a wiki about lagging, why not make another page? :3

Man. This sucksEdit

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So what.

Where's Filli&Kree?Edit

She's busy doing something very important to her. So don't go finding her through Google Earth/Maps or something, because you will LAG. yes. LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG.

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This article seems like a blog. Oh well.


Okay! This is a great game, (osu!) You will click circles to the rhythm! If you know EBA or Ouendan, this one is similar, although it's on PC! huehuehue.


Yeah. End of article. derp.